In my pursuit for personal freedom I started a business.

That business, The American Edge, outgrew this site so I made a dedicated site for it.

If you’re interested, you can find that site here.

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The story starts from a shipping container in East Africa

Deployed for a year behind the wire, I took to knife sharpening as a way to use my hands in an otherwise computer driven workplace and lifestyle.
landscape drawingWhile there, I wrote my Permaculture Thesis

An independent study of Permaculture and the implementation of those design principles into my homestead in New Hampshire.


Even the best designed systems require funding to get off the ground

It didn’t seem fair to implement a sustainability project on the homestead that would be a leach on family income. To be truly sustainable, the system must generate the funds it needs to survive.
planting trees for a permaculture project
Funds generated from The American Edge are used directly to support The Applied Permaculture Project

Your payments for sharp knives have alread helped fund: chickens, fencing, fruit trees, bees, hive parts, seeds, rainwater harvesting, and more.


An awesome year of growth and discovery

The rainwater harvesting project is almost in. While not fully funded, it’s well underway. That, and we did convert a portion of our field for a Three Sister Garden (corn, beans and squash) and we’re up to about 20 laying hens. Lastly, The American Edge is better equipped than ever for 2019.


The Year To Fully Fund The Applied Permaculture Project

The goal was to make it in 5 years. With what we know now, I think we can make it in 3.

Permaculture in Action: Chickens making compost and fertility to the left, a three sisters garden to the right with a micro-swale on contour planted with fruit trees and comfrey. The barrel for the rainwater harvesting system to be completed this year on the left as well. Can you see the beehive?


Kitchen Knives

Pocket Knives

Scissors and Shears